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Visibilitzant sensibilitats per gestionar emocions

Sentir, brings to light the sensory receptions and reactions that our body experiences when changing our emotional state. We will vary, modify and give life to non- gurative animations, projected and visualized in real time through the use of a brain sensor that analyses the activity of our brain when listening to di erent kinds of music. The goal of this exercise is to gain knowledge of the stimulus we really feel or what our brain is really afected by.
It is shown that any we are a ected by any external stimuli, however, we have the ability to manage our emotions and even choose how to react to them. In addition, we are able to understand the reason of our feelings and emotions, which allows us to have knowledge and total control of our emotions and actions.
No animation will be the same, and neither will be the emotions felt by the individuals. As these biological responses turn in to animations, the viewer is encouraged to understand that each animation is a di erent person, a home to the experiences that only they have felt and digested.
The main objective of this project is to show the emotional e ect that all external stimuli have on our brain. Additionally, we want to show how these emotions have a direct e ect on our body and how can we be aware of this emotional a ectation through the reactions of our own body.

  • Emotion regulation
  • Sensory system
  • Interactive installation
  • Data visualization
  • Music as a stimulus

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